The Northern Mustang Corral
is now an affiliate of the
Bourbonnais Park District.
The Northern Mustang
Corral Meets the First
Wednesday of Every month
at the Bourbonnais Public
Library at 7:00 P.M. Unless
otherwise noted below.
Club Meetings
Events Calendar
Directions to the
Bourbonnais Public Library
Club Membership
dues for 2014 are due
by 2/01/2014
         Month                                  Event                                          Where/When                                   Contact                                       


     1                     Club Meeting                         Bourbonnais Library 7pm                                          Roger 708-828-9623

     11                   Perry Farm Volunteer            Perry Farm Park  
2pm-6pm or 6pm-10pm                Roger 708-828-9623

     12                   Morris Car Show                     Morris IL                                                                     Dave 708-238-7061

     18                   Benoit Pumpkin Farm            Kankakee IL                                                              
  Kevin 815-690-9218


 5                     Club Meeting                         Bourbonnais Library 7pm                                          Roger 708-828-9623


     6                    Annual Christmas Party         Hayden Crossing   6pm                                              Roger 708-828-9623