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1966 Mustang ad.
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2017 Officers

Roger Sanzenbacher
Vice President
Cliff Moore
Donna Hamende
John Garner
Regional Director
Bill Cheffer
Jim Benoit
Kevin Benoit
Mark Giguere
Joe Potompta
Bill Stevenson
Director/Web Site
Dave Piontkowski
Bill Krieger
James & Tiffany Benoit
Kevin Benoit
Henry Burch
Carole Busick
Duane Carpenter
John & Blanche Conway
Steve & Jodi Etienne
Keith Flowers
ChiChi Garica
Duane Carpenter   
Mike & Barbara Giguere
Dan & Kim Hall
Laverne & Donna Hamende
Chlovena Hebert
Jeff & Kathy Henderson
Ken & Pat Hines
Porter & Joan Jack
Terry&Leslye Kauthe
David Kibitlewski&Kathryn O'Connel
Marty & Bonnie Knight
Kevin & Clara Kridle
Bill & Elaine Krieger   
Bob & Ellen Krueger
Kupcikeviciius Kazys (Kup)
Glen Madsen
Alex Marneris
Cliff & Belinda Moore
John Nystrom
Ed Ohrt
Steve & Lizanne Phalen
Dave & Lisa Piontkowski
Don & Bea Piper
Joe & JoAnn Potempa
Ray Raguse   
Roger & Louise Sanzenbacher
Leo & Michelle Sfikas
Edwin Smith
Bill & Mari Stevenson
Gerry Strezo

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John Garner