Northern Mustang Corral Club Store
Club Decals  These decals are oblong in shape and measure 4" wide x 3" high.  They adhere
to the inside glass.
Price: $2.50 each
Contact:  Roger Sanzenbacher 708-828-9623 or

Club Flags   These flags are rectangular in shape measuring 9" x 12".  They slip over the car
Price: $13.50 each
Contact: John Garner at

Club Shirts  There are two style of shirts: Polo and Crew neck (T-Shirt).  Each is 50% cotton/50%
Polyester, made by Gildan.  Both shirts are light blue with the club logo over the left chest area.
Price: Polo $13 each, Crew (T-shirt) $11 each    Specify size.  NOTE:  Sizes are currently very
Contact:  John Garner at

Club Race Shirt   These multi-color eye-popping club race shirts are made of 100% polyester,
however they have a cool feel to them even on the warmest days.  The club logo is displayed over
the chest area while the club web site address is displayed on the back along with a Mustang pony.  
Price: $60 each  These shirts need to be ordered in batches so there might be a delay in the
delivery of your shirt until we receive enough orders for a batch order.  Please specify size.
Contact:  Dan Hall at